Sponsorship Letter

Dear Potential Sponsor, 
The North Branch Bad News Broncos invites you and your company to join us in changing the way our society views careers in science and technology. The Bad News Broncos will compete in a highly regarded international program developed by FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology: www.usfirst.org). The purpose of this program is to epitomize the importance of science and technology and simultaneously celebrate the young people who aspire to change the future of science. Conceptualized by Dean Kamen, a research scientist in the field of robotics, the FIRST program seeks to combine the rigors of academic excellence with the excitement of sports. Through this innovative program, our students will build self-confidence, knowledge, and life skills that will help motivate students to pursue opportunities in science, technology, and engineering. These will not only apply to the classroom environment, but will also continue to aid students as they mature into their future careers.
The Bad News Broncos has always been quite a small team and we all consider each other family. Our team is actually very unique because unlike most teams we keep our team free and open to anyone. With your help, we are able to maintain that aspect of our team. Along with our generous sponsors we also do fundraising to assist with the cost of running the team.  We also do not believe that there should be an interviewing process because all Students have the right to learn, and not all kids with the interest will have a prior knowledge of most technical things.

This is how, as a corporation or organization, you can help. By donating to the team (a 501© organization) you are not only able to help us achieve our goals, but you may even be able to help your company as well. We provide sponsorship opportunities for any donation level, and in return, you can end up with your organization’s logo on our robot. What kind of exposure is this? It’s a chance to market to thousands of students and mentors around the country through 100 different events in almost all 50 states. It’s a chance, not only to help our team grow, but to expand your organization’s horizons.
Thanks for taking the time to learn about our family.
Scott Ramey- Lead Mentor and the Bad News Broncos
Casandra Ramey- Lead Mentor 810-834-6834
SRamey@nbbroncos.net 810-627-3906